Frequently Asked Questions

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Why choose habeebah driving school over another school?

→   Trusted Service

   High Pass Rate

   Flexible Service

   Local Driving School

How can I pay for the course?

We accept payment by Cash or Bank Transfer only. First payment is always by Bank Transfer.

What if i need to cancel my lesson?

Habeebah Driving School offers you 48 hour notice of cancellation policy for all lessons. However, if you must cancel please call as soon as possible, so that the hour may be booked for someone else.

Do I need any experience before my first lesson?

No, if you are just about to go for your first drive, Habeebah Driving School can help you to quickly grasp the basics. The Instructor will help you overcome any nervousness and get you started in a quiet area to develop your confidence.

What will i need to bring to my first lesson?

Please bring your provisional driving license. If you require glasses to read number plates, please bring them with you as well.