Hear From Happy Students!

I passed my Driving Test at the first attempt with one minor, and I feel that Misbah had prepared me superbly well for the test. He is very punctual, professional, well organised and patient. It is easy to spend the hours necessary to pass a driving test in his company. Misbah not only prepared me to pass the test but for a lifetime of safe driving across all conditions and situations. I intend to soon start taking Pass Plus lessons with Misbah and I’m looking forward to those. I highly recommend Misbah for anyone embarking upon taking driving lessons.

Klevis Mana

Great Teacher, Follow his direct advice and come to lessons with an open mind, you will pass in no time

Donnel Fergus

Best driving instructor I’ve had by a mile. Taught me how to drive from scratch and got me to pass.

Jamil Khan

Best instructor in Chingford !!! Very informative and supportive, doesn’t sugar coat and goes over your weak points til you get it right. Amazing guy, would recommended 100%!

Kurk Gulsum

Definitely would recommend Habeebah driving school !!. He is very knowledgeable and punctual when it comes to his role as an instructor. Any questions that you ask he would not make you feel stupid and creates an open space where you are able to feel comfortable in driving. He will do his best to make you feel at ease and will push you when need it. If you have any difficulties in learning a certain skill or trying to understand something he will go over it multiple times to ensure that you get it . He is also very reassuring too and will go on multiple test routes and independent driving. Throughout , my time of learning how to drive there’s been moments where I would feel demotivated or frustrated when I don’t get something correct but he is always there with his words of wisdom and makes you feel better and he will demonstrate it visually or in words . Would definitely recommend him if you want to start learning how to drive. Thank you for your time appreciate it😊

Dallel Galdem

Today I passed in Chingford and I highly recommend this instructor. He was very professional with me and provided feedback regularly. I am grateful for the help he provided for me.

Jakub Wolowiec

The best instructor possible got me through the driving experience and helped me achieve everything possible to do with driving and i passed the first time

Pitulan Rostas

I had a fantastic experience with Habeebah Driving School! Misbah’s patience and clear guidance made learning to drive comprehendible and enjoyable. He created a comfortable environment, boosting my confidence behind the wheel. I highly recommend Habeebah Driving School for anyone looking for a supportive and skilled instructor.

Laface Dior

I definitely recommend Habeebah Driving School. I had a great experience with my driving instructor. His patient and thorough teaching style helped me gain confidence on the road. He provided clear instructions, constructive feedback, and tailored lessons to my progress. He also knows the test routes very well and will ensure that you are well prepared for your test. I highly recommend him for anyone learning to drive.

Salma Kamara

"Habeeba is an exceptional driving school that I wholeheartedly recommend. The instructors are incredibly patient and knowledgeable, making the learning process enjoyable and stress-free. They provide comprehensive lessons that build not only the necessary skills but also confidence on the road. Thanks to Habeeba, I passed my driving test with flying colors and now feel like a confident, responsible driver. Their dedication to safety and expertise in teaching are truly commendable. I couldn't be happier with my experience at Habeeba!"

Vishnu RV

Hi, I passed my driving test today in chingford. It was realy amezing experience with Habeebah driving school. SPECIALLY my instructor, Mr, misbah. When I approached him and he gave me one lesson and said to me,you are a good driving. You will pass. You just need few lesson. Don't waste your money.i am so happy today,. I realy advice people who have a plan to taking lessons in chingford. DONT forget to approach Habeebah Driving school. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Rizwan shabbir

Amazing instructor with a lot of experience. He will make sure you pass. I am very pleased. Thank you so much.

Tuana Karahan

Passed today!!! Thank you so much. Misbah is an excellent instructor, he’s kind and patient and he genuinely put in 100% effort to help you pass. Definitely learn to drive with Misbah!

Mariam Miah

Good lessons, explanations in detail. Passed test first time as promised! Thanks, Misbau!

Aleksandrs Aleksejevs

Habeebah was instructing my brother and was the obvious choice to teach me as well. Really good at encouraging me to do things I wasn't sure about and exceptionally good at explaining everything. Would recommend.

Joe Davies

Lessons with Habeebah, he was able to get rid of all my bad driving habits. I am now a better driver, and thankful for helping me pass my driving test. He is very friendly and encouraging. Exactly what you need to gain confidence. Highly recommend.

Emmauel Ababio

My instructor was very inspirational. I thank him for his full support and will highly recommend other students to use Habeebah. Always available when you need him 24 hours. He is very friendly, patient and talented when he coaches and always very approachable. Please do not hesitate to contact him. Keep up with the excellent work, Habeebah!

Sharma Rambocus

Thank you so much for teaching me to drive! And finding me tests!!! Happiest day of my life ever😍😍😍😍Over the moon! Thanks to you!

Nicole Berry

Amazing driving instructor, such a funny, lovely and accommodating guy. Couldn’t have asked for anyone better to teach me!

luke tudor

Very friendly and helpful, id highly recommend to anyone. Very experienced so you can trust what he is saying is correct.

Zak Voskou

Professionalism, Quality, Value

Sam G

Really happy with my lessons from this driving school. Instructor Mert has a great teaching method and gives you alot of trust when driving compared to other instructors i have had in the past. Breezed through 25 hour crash course and by the end was test ready! All passed and extremely grateful :). All the best for 2021!

Ben .Soffe

Really happy with my experience! I opted in for around 40 hours of lessons and went from no experience at all to passing my test just this morning. Couldn't be happier. Highly recommended.

Ben Ommundson

He's the best person to learn form i pass mine first time

Hagi Jamegay

I went from having never been in a car before to passing first time a few months later!

Matilda Allan

Best driving Instructer, good teacher friendly to talk to very nice.

Reece Shoesmith

What a great Instrutor. Patient and calm. Fully recommended. Thank you for your guidance and making me pass my test at the first experience.

Adeyemi Osh

Offered a great learning experience. Instructor’s honest and critical feedback helped me to learn faster and improve on my weaknesses. I felt very comfortable with all the test routes that proved to be really useful on the final test day. And yes, I passed!!

Ria Katyal

Amazing lessons, everything is done with the upmost professionalism. Would recommend to everyone.

Lil Soo

Best instructor I’ve had, very professional. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in learning👍

Richy Rich

If you want to pass your exam Habebbach School is the right place to start and finish your learning.Instructor with passion and patience, always helpful and flexible but the most important best teacher ever.Will teach you to drive and be safe on the road.I’m glad That I take my lessons with Habeebah as I’m holding now full driving licence 🎉😁

Arleta Zalewska

Habeebah is an absolute superstar!! I’ve been learning with him weekly and have just passed my test first time!!
He is patient, a wonderful communicator, funny and kind, always there to reassure as well as help you to get to where you need to be. His instruction is insightful and thoughtful and you always feel safe learning with him. I’ve had the most amazing time in my lessons and would easily recommend him to anyone in the world (and already have). Simply superb! 👏👏

Harry Drummond

Habeebah was recommended to me by a friend and I can see why. Very good, friendly, always punctual and calm. Would recommend to others.

Rumen Vasilev

Habeebah was excellent! Accommodated my request for driving lessons on short notice, and helped me pass successfully on the first attempt! His communication style is very clear and helpful; highly recommend!!

Thomas Brosens

Good communication, very very good teaching skills, no complaints at all! 100% recommend

liam downes

If you don't believe in your skills or you are not sure you can do it,enjoy 1lesson here and you will not regret it, I passed successfully with his help,patience and the very good communication, I don't have words to thank him.

Silviu Carausan

Best driving instructor, passed first time. Only person who could deal with my temper! Couldn’t recommend him enough and I’m so thankful.

Fadime Karayilan

What an incredible instructor! When I started with Habeebah, I was a nervous driver with a real big issue with over thinking situations. Habeebah was so patience with me, he gave me clear and easy tools to help me avoid over thinking and he always reassured me which was great for my confidence. It wasn’t an easy journey but Habeebah, never made me feel inadequate and I am sooo happy to have taken the choice to go with Habeebah, with his help I am now a confident and safe driver who has just passed their driving test! I can’t thank you enough Habeebah, I’m going to miss all the laughs we shared. If you are reading this and you are looking for a driving instructor, I promise you, you don’t need to look no further. Habeebah is the right man for the job!

Martin O-Whyte

Very good instructor helped me pass and feel extremely confident for my test!

Kez Munii

Passed my driving test today!!! Called Habeebah one month earlier before my test. He is an excellent instructor. He was always there, motivating me supporting me and very patient , he told me I could do it and yes I did it. Thanks so much Habeebah.

shimu chowdhury

Had a nice experience with misbah knows the route well

saboor farrukh

Such a great experience with habeeba. Very experienced instructor with excellent communication skills.

Mohammad Uzair AZHAR

Amazing instructor! Very patient, understanding and punctual. Would recommend to anyone at any level of driving

Danny Wheeler

Thanks you very much you’re the best. Your skill have help me a lot..

Nahashon Wanjiku

29July 2022 my birthday as well as my "Lucky Day"
I passed my driving exam!!

It was a really difficult and long way for me to overcome the fear of driving because my brother died in a car accident.
I've never mentioned this to my driving instructor:-(

I wanted to thank him for believing in me and giving me a chance and also not giving up on me as I know that I wasn't the easiest one!
I would like to thank him for his positivism, patience and staying with me to the very end.

He is a very honest man!!!
I was not charged with the cost of the lessons I forgot to attend despite the fact they were paid in advance
Instead he allowed me to use the hours on another date.

A "super positive man" immediately goes to the lessons does not waste time for unnecessary conversations,and does not waste time driving on his own,he just puts you behind the wheel, interpret and calmly step by step explain from basic where to start.

From the first lesson I immediately felt comfortable with him despite the fact that earlier I had 2 different instructors during the pandemic time.

From the 1st day I knew that he will be the person who will help me to pass my driving exam .


Magda Chojnacka

Lovely man. Very cooperative and helped me a lot I would not have passed my driving test without his help. Thanks Misbah

Saad Jawad

Excellent Instructor!
Misbah is a very good instructor. The driving lessons were very clear and easy to understand. Misbah got me ready for the driving test within a short time and I passed first time. Misbah is an excellent instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone wishing to pass in a short space of time.

Mikael Eyob

Habeebah is very friendly, knowledgeable, and a really good instructor. He was very helpful and explained things in a way I understood them. I'm glad to have been taught by him and would recommend him to anyone.

Robert Iancu

The best instructor, would recommend to anyone. He was very patient with me and told me I could do it and I finally passed!

Chloe Manansala

Passed this morning, first time. ExperiencGreat availability to get me booked in, passed first time and from my first lesson until the test it was only 3 months (including me going away on holiday in the middle)ed instructor, rigorous and motivating. Very grateful for all the training and guidance - proof is in the results!

Londonfields Manager

Passed this morning, first time. Experienced instructor, rigorous and motivating. Very grateful for all the training and guidance - proof is in the results!

Keturah Tunani

I have just passed my driving test today and I can honestly say Misbah is the best driving instructor I could have ever asked for 🙂

I started with Habeebah’s driving school about a year ago and although I had some driving experience I wasn’t very confident on the road.
Misbah was so patient with me and helped build my confidence so much with my driving. He is punctual, helpful, understanding, and so incredibly supportive and reassuring! (especially as I would get so nervous!)

I would 100% recommend him and will be suggesting him to anyone I know that’s learning to drive.
Misbah I’ll miss our chats and listening to LBC on the radio😁 thank you so much for everything!👏

Keturah Tunani

Passed this morning, first time. Experienced instructor, rigorous and motivating. Very grateful for all the training and guidance - proof is in the results!

James Ivens

I would recommend Habeebah driving school to anyone to help pass your test,my instructor helped me to feel relaxed and confident during lessons and on day of test, I passed first time with habeebah guidance and support, very professional and prices were decent also,I am very happy with the service I got....

John Todd

Highly recommend, great instructor

Daniel Straker

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